k i didnt want to put this on Promote your Band because its really just promoting myself.

heres the deal. im building a site that has a bunch of my recorded songs on there. im tired of bands holding my musical creativity back, and i know alot of you are too, so this is what i will do.

im going to try to build a following on the site, and send members updates. if you want, you can be allowed to send me riffs or vocal tracks, and i will feature them in the songs, and have your name as the artist of it. your real creativity can be heard.

if your interested, and want to receive updates from me, post. i like all genres, metal, rock, classic rock blues, whatever. Just send me your ideas!!
I think Myspace, Reverbnation, Garageband and a thousand other sites already beat you to it.
uh, no, i dont think u guys get the jist of it. im writing the music, with your riffs inputed. you will be recognized as cowriters of the songs