Anyone know where the Schecter Omen Extreme FR is made?

I have been told that their custom shop (USA) is their top quality instruments, Korean made guitars are next and their cheap ones are made in china or indonesia. I'm considering getting one but I'm more inclined to go for one of their Korean guitars
most schecters are made in korea. the frets are dressed once over there and twice in the usa by a highly trained tech.
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cool thanks. i think the Omen is made in indonesia. (I saw the sticker on the back of one off ebay)
cool, thanks for letting me know. Have you played the korean made models? Any idea on how they compare in terms of how well they are made? I played a cheap C1 about a year ago (probably from indonesia, but I didn't check) and it wasn't a very nice guitar. Ok for a beginner but not for what I'm after.
all mine are korean
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Both of my Schecters are Korean made. I own a Damien-6 and C-7 Hellraiser. They are both high quality instruments. I havent had any problems with durability or anything like that. I would say go for a korean model.
My C-1 Classic is Korean, however theres a very good chance the Omen Extreme is Indonesian.Korean Schecters tend to be very good in quality, some people gripe about the pots but thats an easy and cheap fix (and I have yet to have any problems)
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Yeh the Hellraiser and other guitars that are a bit more pricey are from Korea. It's just the cheaper models that I think are made elsewhere, depending on what year they are made.

Thanks for all the info, really helped me alot!