hey everyone here at the ultimate guitar forums.
i was wondering which boss pedal is better, the metal core verses the metal zone.
i like bands likr all that remains, as i lay dying, august burns red, the human abstract, darkest hour, etc

help anyone?
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First of all vs threads aren't allowed. If you asked "which of these is better for metalcore etc" it would be better. That being said I really have no love for either one imo those bands 90% of their distortion from the amps
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The MT-2 is better, but they both suck giant dong stock. You can, however, mod the MT-2 to become a great pedal.


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There both poop to me. What's your budget for a distortion pedal, and what's your current amp?
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I think the Genz Benz should be able to get all the distortion you need. If you really need more , you could get a tube screamer or some other overdrive.
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I've only used the el diablo once but it was pretty decent I think a boost or OD would be much better than an all out distortion

could you name a decent pedal?
There's literally hundreds of pure "boost" pedals.

You can get away with eqs, using tube screamers, bad monkeys, sonic maximizers, fuzz boxes, rats, big/little muffs.

You have an el diablo and need more "brutalz"? You sure you're setting up the eq right?
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