At 3:01pm it was over.
On monday the 7th of september.
Lucky for me my mind was elsewhere.
Well at least thats what I keep telling myself.

I wasn't even able to see you off.
To be there and hold for one last time.
Everyone keeps asking if im alright.
And how I can I tell them that im not?

For over 2 years you were my lungs.
If you weren't breathing for me then i would've choked.
And in the wink of an eye its all over.
I can email you but its just not the same.

I feel like i've lost my direction.
I feel like i'm just floating away.
I wish i was there beside you.
But my lifestyle got in the way.

Theres no use in me complaining
Cause i understand why you had to go
I know as time goes on it wont hurt as bad,
But right now i feel like im nauseas

I hear londons nice this time of year
And Autumn has just begun.
It wont be long before its winter.
So make sure you keep nice and warm.

All that i will ask of you
Is that you think of me occasionally
Even if its just for the smallest of seconds
Just remember that I still exist.

You were my lover but also my best friend
and that i will never forget
I want you to know that I love you,
And I wish for you all the best.
The times are changing