just started a band and have some stuff written. recording drums is the biggest challenge. any pointers, equipment, advice
That is correct.
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A few days ago we were expirementing in the back of our local pub and we decide to attempt some recording with only the most basic of gear. We had the band's four dynamic mics (three '58s and a top-end Sennheiser) carefully positioned around the kit, plugged into our mixer and submixed straight into a laptop's line in port. I also had my USB condenser balanced on a conga about 4ft from the kit, as a room mic:

This cheapo DIY method has produced some of the best drum tracks I've honestly ever heard, and the only specialist item we used was the USB condenser - everything else is part of the band's normal gigging rig! I'll post some sound clips a little later as soon as I get hold of the master files.

If you're in a band, you should have at least two or three dynamic mics hanging around - and if you're planning on recording you need at least one condenser mic! That should be more than enough to get a usable drum sound.

What equipment do you currently have/plan on buying?