Does anyone name their instruments, and what do you call them? I thought that this was what the thread titled "naming your guitar" was about, but its not, so I'm making my own.

I somtimes call my Spector NS-2J "Woodstock" because it was made in Woodstock, New York. I might call it that more often if I get any more Spector basses.

I want to name my '82 Kramer DMZ6000, but I can't think of one so I just call it "the Kramer"

Also, I just decided to call my semi broken Hohner headless "Crippie"
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I have never seen this thread before.

Anyway I call my Les Paul "Stringy" becuase it has strings on it. I am not into the whole naming my intruments thing unless there is a cool stroy behind it, like B.B. King has.
I call my bass my funkstick .... Im going to go play with my funkstick

sometime i tell my friend im turning on teh pleasure machine when i turn my amp on
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To some musicians, such as my self, naming your instrument is a deeply personal thing. You have to 'feel' the instrument, and in a way get to know it in order to name it. I've had four instruments in my life. My first, an Ibanez IJX40 didn't have a name, because when I first started playing I didn't play with enough feeling for my guitar to have a voice. My second guitar, an Ibanez Gio, I named Beth, because one day I was just jamming out with some improv and that name just jumped into my head. My third, a Yamaha acoustic, was given to me by my stepdad, which means I don't really have a right to name it because after 20+ years of belonging to him, he is the only one who could name it.

Finally, my Epi Thunderbird bass(aka my baby) I named Samantha.

Yeah... I know. I'm a ****in weirdo.
I named my main guitar Judy, after The Ramones song, and it's lyrics:

The Ramones - Judy is A Punk

Jackie is a punk
Judy is a runt

I learned mostly punk songs when I first picked up the guitar, so she's a punk. And she's also a cheap-ass Yamaha EG 112, so she's a runt.

And I still love her. <3
I just call it 'it'.
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Actually if I got a nice big amp I would probably call my bass "The Loin Rattler"
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My Jazz bass is named Sanchez.

My acoustic guitar is named Sh*t. 'cause it is.


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I call my acoustic John cos my friend shit in it when he was drunk.... Its clean now, but i dont use it really, as i have a new acoustic
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my carvin is called serrana after a beatifull piece and my bass is called big martha and my jackson is called nothing.
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I call my bass Geraldine
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My electric is Veronique
My acoustic is Camille

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I call my bass bitch. Coz i slap it like i slap mah bitches.

Dont have a name for my guitar though
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My guitars are named after Final Fantasy characters (bit sad, I know)
SG is called Vincent
Aria is called Squall
Strat is called Zidane

I never say the names out loud, because people will think I'm mental. Out loud, I just call them 'My ___"

I going to get a Dean Vendetta next, and probably call it Cecil.
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I call my Fender 'awesome'

I also have a handmade guitar, it's red and its kinda similar to a Gibson E 355. It's called the bat because its got a bat in mother of pearl on the bottom.
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