hello everybody.. I would say that i'm very capable of making some awesome sludgey groove riffs, however I think i'm at an intermediate level as far as it comes to soloing. I feel as if i'll always revert to the pentatonic and I want to change that. Can ya'll throw out some good solo exercises, and some important scales I should know as a heavy metal enthusiast? Thanks..
Super-serial list of equipment: guitar, amp, some picks, and a cable.

I know i can be an A55hole, however i try to mean well most of the time..
Pentatonic, major, and minor scales.
Pick some favourite solos of yours and try and mimic those ideas and what they do. After that it just takes time.
Practice playing scales in different patterns instead of straight up and down, and learn which notes you add into the pentatonic for other scales - like learn where the 2nd and 6th fit in with the minor pentatonic for minor scales, then make yourself use them. If you're anything like me at first you end up just trying to add the odd note in, but after a while you start to see how they fit in and start using them a bit more fluently.