I've been heavily inspired lately by a band Called Devil Sold His Soul, and they have really made an impact on my perception of music. They've inspired me to incorporate more chords and ambient elements to my music, And I finished a song and would really appreciate any feedback!


All criticisms are welcome!
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Hi there!

Unfortunately the first thing I notice is that the guitar seems out of tune a touch. But now that that's out of the way...

This is great. I love the sort of post rock ambient vibe that you're going for, and it makes a fantastic combo with the more metal aspects. I assume some of that dissonance was intentional in the first double bass/distorted part, if so I can dig it.

Classical metal element in introducing another riff directly after and syncing double bass with guitar rhythm, very effective. Also progressing nicely into a piano part (guitar sounds out of tune still!) that really suits the mood.

Overall, excellent work, some great ideas that make a very nice track. I lvoe this kind of stuff and I see exactly where you're coming from. That otu of tune guitar does kill some of the song's integrity, but its fantastic nonetheless.

Here's my latest, I hope you enjoy it
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Hmm thanks a lot, but I really don't think the guitar is out of tune? I make sure everything is in tune before i start recording. But Thanks, i really appreciate the feedback.
I like the initial chord progression, it sets up a nice vibe. I was almost getting bored but the song got interesting again when the drums came in. Totally unexpected, nice touch there. You definitely have a nice thing going but it did seem to get a little redundant. I think you should either add vocals or at least some kind of solo or lead riff. That would spice it up a bit. Also, the ending seemed a bit out of place to me.

As for the guitar being out of tune, I didn't notice it, but maybe Hot Pants has super good hearing or something.

And thanks for critting mine.
hm. I like alot of the parts you have here, I don't necessarily care for how they mesh. The first few minutes mesh well, but towards the end some parts seem kinda thrown in.

It is VERY ambient most of the time, which is very cool. However, I don't know if you want to throw some vocals on it or something, bc without that or a melodic lead it has very little impact. Which is why ambient metal confuses me. Metal is about extreme impact and volume and cathartic release, ambient is about mixing with the background and subtlety...kinda disparate and oxymoronic, but cool.

Your mix is ok sometimes and a little loud others. A couple places started clipping, which could have been purposeful but maybe not.

Pretty good, fix the mix if you didn't mean it to be how it is and maybe look at some transfer riffs or sounds for the weird transitions.

Thnx for the crit
Yeah thanks a lot guys, I'm actually talking to a good friend who has an extremely great singing voice about doing some vocals on this. They would be very powerful, haunting sounding, layered in with the guitars so they don't overpower everything. I hope it works out. Thanks a lot for the comments.
Its pertty good, I loved it when the double bass drum came in over the clean. Like the above posters said, your guitar was a little bit out of tune, and your mix cliped in some places. One I do have to add is that some of your chord selections where a bit out of place with the notes being played by the base rythem, I dont know if thats part of ambianet metal, but personaly I like notes to flow with each other.

Take a peak at this and tell me if you like it.