Ok guys. Im a huge Hendrix fan. Huge Clapton fan. And a Massive peter green fan.

Ive already got a 62 Hot Rod Strat. A Dr Z Ezg50(blackface) and a ceriatone 36 RP. So Ive got Hendrix tones down.

All i need is humbuckers!!! im after the Clapton(cream) tones and green Slow blues sound. Should i get a Les Paul Traditional/ SG Standard/ PRS Mira.

What you guys think?

There's no comparison in quality and tone between them. The Mira will rape the les paul and Sg in playability, tone, features, build quality, looks and anything else you could care to name.
les paul all the way I think
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I personally love the Miras the best, but it's all up to you. In terms of specs, the guitars are similar. All that matters is which one feels best in you hands, which one you like best. All three guitars will be great for the soundnyou want, it's up to you to pick which one you like best.

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les paul, but trust your own opinion, you no what you want better than anyone.
try them all then decide
thanks guys. Im leaning toward the mira. I probably swap the pick ups though i hear they arnt PAF type pups.
I would've said LP a few days ago, that is until I played a MIRA at the local GC the other day. OMG, as soon as I get a job, it's mine.
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i'd go with a les paul. the mira just looks like an ibanez GAX to me but between the two i don't think you can really end up with a bad choice. just try to play the guitar you buy (obviously). sounds like you'll end up with one great guitar!
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It better be one hell of a guitar. Im gonna get rid of my DR Z Route 66 amp. and possible my other USA Strat. To pay for it.
I really did not like the Mira I played. It's definitely a departure tonewise from the gibson-style mahogany guitars, but it lacked some character to me. It sounded a little too reserved; maybe it was designed to do that, but I couldn't get it to sound rude like a LP in the bridge position or an SG in the middle.
If you want the peter green and clapton sounds, I'd imagine you'd want a LP with one of the pickups flipped for that out of phase sound in the middle position. You could certainly get away with it in the SG, but to me the neck pickup doesn't sound quite right for clapton sort of stuff.
im gonna try to find the Mira somewhere so i can play it. Of the 3 its the only one ive never played. Im really looking for strange brew/ tales of Ulysses's/Politician sounds most. The green stuff would be a plus
well the mira is definitely the most versitile of the bunch. i think the mira also has the best build quality. it clearly beats the sg in pretty much every way. the LP gives a completely different voice/feel/look so between it and the mira, it is all preference.
The Mira might be better made but will it be a treasure in 20 years? Stick with a Gibson would be my advice but play them all before you decide.
Tone-wise a Les Paul will be best compromise between Hendrix (Flying V & SG shaped LP) and Clapton (SG & LP). Nothing compares with an SG for playability so its a tough call. Do the Peter Green mod so you get his hollow, out of phase sound when both pups are in use and you should have it all covered.
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the mira for quality control and sound is alot better then the gibsons

its more inclined towards an sg sound tbh
i played one and thought it was fantastic
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Get a high end Tokai. For the price of a Les Paul standard, you can get something AMAZING.
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clapton recorded those songs in Cream with either an SG or a Les Paul. most famously an SG painted by the Fool.

one would assume...
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