I got a peavey envoy 110 right now. I can't get a good tone out of it to save my life. The cleans suck, and any amount of gain added to makes it feedback like a mf. On top of the it's ungodly noisy.

So this gives me an excuse to get a new amp! I been doin a little research, and got a few questions.
1. Tube amps are louder than SS amps rated at the same level, right?
2. Do tube amps usually require a dist/OD pedal to get a metal tone?(a la Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Dreamtheater along those lines) I assume so but the only dumb question is the one never asked.

I've looked at the Blackheart little giant and the Bugera V5. I like the V5 so far mostly because u can pick between .1w, 1w, and 5w. PLUS it's got a headphone jack in the back, which i really kinda need cause i'm up late most of the time.
Any other suggestions are helpful. SS, tube(preferably), but i don't care. I'm just looking for something that has a damn good clean channel, takes well to effects, and has a headphone jack.

Oh yeah i play just about anything. Played BFMV, Disturbed in my old band. But i'm really liking AVA and U2 lately. Hence my need for great cleans and effect friendly. But this will just be my bedroom amp. Price range- no more than $300US

End wall of txt!
No tube amp will be soft enough to play at night without waking everyone and their dogs.

Plus, wattage is not an indication of volume level, it is a better indicator of headroom (how loud you can get before the signal breaks up).
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