Ok, so I've actually asked this in my previous posts about 2 months ago, but no reply so far. Just wondering what our friends here in UG think bout this cab, and does anyone own on here? All I know is that it has those sweet pair v30 speakers. Plus, is it true that a 2x12 cab + a 5w amp head is too loud for bedroom use as I have to turn up the volume to get a good sound? Finally, do blackstar artisan cabs come in black instead of maroon? Thanks.
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I dont know how the cab sounds, but its Blackstar, so the quality should be quite good.

No, a 5w amp and 2x12 speaker cab will NOT be too loud for bedroom playing. You dont HAVE to turn it up loud to get good sound, but of course, it will sound better the louder you play. The HT-5 is meant for bedroom playing, and having 2x12 speakers will not really change the volume compared to a 1x12 or similar.
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It's currently 2:20am (local time) and I'm playing the rig in my sig. Blackstar were kind enough to put a volume knob on the HT-5 making it easier than easy to dial in an acceptable volume.

Of course, to answer your next question, no you don't get that tube roar at whisper quiet volumes. No amp in the world can really deliver that. Even the Blackheart Killer Ant (1 watt) is still enough to piss off the people you live with.
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