hey guys i recently upgraded to a 6505+ but im having a bit of trouble with the unwanted noise this f**ker kicks out. to get the tone i like im having to setup like this:

gain on 9/10
bass about 6/7
mid around 1/2
treble around 6/7
volume around 3/4
presence+renasonce (sp) on 9/10 each

This creates an unbelieveable hum which i know comes with high gain amps, but was just gonna ask if theres any way to get the heavyer distortions without cranking the gain so high.

im using an mxr soundgate aswell

any help is much appreciated =]
what kind of sound u trying to achieve? (bands etc etc.)

but generally, lower ur gain and increase mids. yes. thats right. mids
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turn down the presence + renasonse and see what happens
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use the lowest amount of gain you can get away with


if i turn down the presence/renasonce the tone turns so dull =[ the kinda sond i want is like fallen dreams, parkway drive, ghost inside you know some kinda hardcore tone kinda agressive. ive tryed turnin the mids up and gains down and its just not distorted enough

heres what my old tone was like so something like this


i know the sound qualitys not great but hey =]
put bass on 4/5 and treble on 8 (if its out of 10) and try the gain on 8 maybe

EDIT: now that i think about it on my amp this happened but it had no gain even though the gain was all the way up, and in the end all it was was a loose wire, so i had to send it away for about a 2-3weeks
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Esp Ltd EC100QM
Esp Ltd EC1000 Deluxe

Randall RG100G3
Randall 2x12 Extension Cab

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i have an mxr soundgate which is amazing and a boss eq pedal, but when using the eq pedal it was making weird noises come out so ive ut that one to the side =[ and the heads only a month old and used 3/4 times so i cant see it being a loose wire theres enough gain coming out just to much constant hum

if anyone has some decent eq pedal settings i could try that again
yeah the Boss eq is kinda meh..

get an mxr 10 band and you should be fine. so the amp is still noisy even with the gate? Maybe the tubes are biased too hot?
its not so much feedback, its just the hum of sticking the gain so high which im guessing happens to all high gain amps, any time your not playing theres just HUMMMM so loud even with volumes turned off on guitar etc
no ive generally stayed clear of the fx loop after the eq incident + ive never really been shown how to connect up the fx loop whats the way to join the noise gate through effects loop?
try it like this:

amp send --> gate in --> gate out --> amp return

you can put your eq in the mix too but keep modulation type effects in front of the amp
awsome ill try that, if that isnt the solution is there anything else i can try?

p.s thanks for all the replies its very helpfull =]
i cant see it being that seeing as the head is only 2 months old and been used 4/5 times
ahhh i see you ya mean, well i had it new from the box like still in the tissue paper wrapping so it was spanking new. ill check my tubes maybe take it to my local music shop, thanks for all your help though (Y)