just wondering if anyone has added and extra pickup to a single pickup guitar. if so. was it worth it, how much did it cost etc.

Not that I have ever done it, But you would have to route the space for the pickup at least, and then wire it to either new pots, or to push-pull pots in the space of the ones already existing, or wire them to the existing ones making them control both pickups. I can imagine to get someone to do that for you would cost a hell of a lot, but to do it your self it shouldn't be too complicated.

Do you have a specific guitar in mind, that would help to see how much work would need doing.


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it would need to be routed, have a toggle switch added (drilling) and would most likely be refinished, cos routers and drilling will tear the paint and such.

that + the new pickup.

i have no-idea how much it would cost, but to do it yourself wouldent cost much.

might not be that hard either.
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The most difficult part would be probably routing out the pickup space and then you might have to refinish it or at least around the area you did, unless you used masking tape around the area to be routed and were careful. Whether it's worth it or not is up to you. Would you find yourself using the neck tones a lot? If it's a nice guitar that you bought then you would probably just be better off getting a new guitar but if it's an old beater/cheapo jobbie then might as well go for it.

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