So i've been playing guitar for about 6months now, and i generally just love music, very much every sort as long as it soudns good and isn't rap >_>

I'm 21 now, and i'm starting to think i should find a career i was thinking music,

I'm not sure what tho, i currently live in australia (QLD) and was wondering where should i start?

I would love to start writing music for things like video games, movies, shows, whatever


Something like that maybe?

Or would that be to advanced straight away,

I'm not looking to go straight into this I'll be waiting till next year or the year after

I really just want to get a idea of what i'll be up against.
I don't think a grow operation would be the most wise of all choices, the point of a career is to make money, not smoke it all up by myself >_>
I can't comment on courses, or a career in music (being an engineer lol), but in the meantime it will help you long term if you learn some theory (and apply it), and start writing your own stuff!

If you don't know any theory check out Freepower's bitesize theory vids http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=58DA70A2123C71CD&search_query=freepowerug and then take a look at the MT Music Theory FAQ sticky
hey man. i dont the diploma course in adelaide. if you dont know your theory, it will stump you. try cert IV, then Diploma. then after that, go to a conservatorium. its what i done
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Quote by edwarde
hey man. i dont the diploma course in adelaide. if you dont know your theory, it will stump you. try cert IV, then Diploma. then after that, go to a conservatorium. its what i done

Yeah looking at the cert IV one, as i don't think i can do the diploma straight away (didn't complete grade 12) >_>

But i'll start looking into the cert IV as well, since it's shorter and will give me a taste of of it and if i don't like it, at least i would of gained some knowledge and not spent as much money as the diploma
yeah dude I'm the same age and living in the same state.
I attempted to get some more schooling, but turns out my year 10 grades weren't even good enough.
So I decided to go for the 'playing in a band' alternative. You can make a lot more contacts getting straight into the game and gigging than you can sitting in a classroom.
There's one old saying that rings true in the music industry, "its not what you know, its who you know"

A good example would be: The house band for Australian Idol are old friends of John Foreman, the fellow who keeps an eye on the contestants.
There is so much free material out there for you to learn from.
Although if you got the money then go ahead.
Like you said you've only been doing it for a few months, if you change your mind thats money you'll never get back.

Perhaps you could look at music production and recording. At least then you may be able to pick up a relatively stable job, instead of the uncertain freelancing alternative.
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Yeah i also like the music production and recording stuff but would that be under the music cert IV? or something different

Hmmm my grade 10 grades are also fairly ****. I know the stuff i just do the assignments anyway,

I think the advantage of doing a course is having proof that you know stuff, not just by going by your word.

The Cert IV one would the main one i'm looking at now,

(also you live like 10mins away from me i think lolz)
wow, I might even know you.

I actually signed up at tafe to finish year 12. Then I got the horrible surprise I had to do year 10 again. SO, I signed up for that, went for one day (learn how to make a resume WTH?) and never went back. Load of crap.

I guess if you want the proof at the end of it then go ahead, but if you're just there to learn your theory seek info elsewhere. Any private music teacher can do that. And if you want to learn about copyright and other legal stuff about the music industry in Australia I can reccomend a few books.
I can already predict you'll be subject to having to compose music in Finale or Sibelius, and record using Acid. Terrible programs with an eyesore.

I think the only way to really benefit from doing a course is if you actually went to uni. There you will be able to collaborate with students in other performing art departments too. Write music for a fellow game programmer, or play writer. Then when you're education is complete these people will remember you and possibly hire you. In theory this could all work, but it also means doing that diploma so you can get in.
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I'm not really there to just learn theory I wanna make a career out of music, wether it be recording, production, stage, whatever just something in the music industry, and gotta start somewhere i guess,

That's what is sorta crap, you have to go from tafe - uni which takes friggin years
And just FYI... The music business is competitive as hell. If you can't do what someone asks, you can be sure there's someone right around the corner who can. And even if you can do it, there's probably someone right around the corner who can do it twice as good as you.
Yeah and in that kinda work the better your reputation the more you get paid. So that too takes years.

On another note though. Do a little more research before you take the tafe course. Go to some websites for the events we have around here such as, RapidFest or the Caboolture country/blues festival that they have going on. See if you can find out from their site or by giving them a call what kind of qualifications you would need to get a job there. That way you will know if the course is what you need. That goes for whatever else you want to do, just phone up a few places.

Also, something else you might find interesting. http://www.1015fm.com.au/training.html

Its not a formal course, but if its something you think you might like to do, it's a very good starting point.
If you want to start scoring for films, games, and such then it is a good idea to try and get a degree in composition from a school. Also start networking like crazy, get to know up and coming directors as soon as possible.
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