Pedantic genre classifying aside, can anyone recommend some wonderful-sounding duets along the same vein as, say, Fightstar - Unfamiliar Ceilings, Owl City - The Saltwater Room or All Time Low - Remembering Sunday? Yes, I'm aware that none of these three songs seem to have anything in common. However, they're all - arguably - beautiful-sounding songs where the use of both male and female vocals really stands out and makes the music worth listening to. Thanks in advance!
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does the postal service count? nothing better is good

however say anything-church channel (feat. Hayley Williams) is a tight song
The band Lydia uses them relatively frequently. I'm not sure if you would classify that as "emo" (by your standards), but it definitely invokes an emotional response. To add, its not whiny emo music either.

If you want to check them out, look up the song This is Twice Now. Its readily available on myspace. In all honesty I usually hate this indie rock/emo rock genre (I usually listen to more extreme things like black metal), however an occasional good band comes by. Lydia is top notch.
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you might like:
you me at six - always attract
paramore - franklin

cant think of any others atm...
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yes. as well as Plea from that same album.

Most of Say Anything's songs with duel girl vocals are really good. If you're also talking about duel guy vocals, though, old TBS is incredible. And I'm not a huge fan, but Circle Takes The Square does some interesting duel screamo vocals.
Thanks for the suggestions! For anyone else who's interested, A Day To Remember - If It Means A Lot To You seemed boring and generic at first, but has really started growing on me now.

EDIT: Gah, Cartel - Lose It is also extremely darn catchy!
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Check out Two Tongues.
Max Bemis + Guitar player from Say Anything and Chris Conelly + drummer from Saves the Day (I think).

Entire duet album.

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