So I have finally entered the world of boutique equipment, and I thought what better way to kick off my journey than with a Pro Tone Pedals Monster Fuzz

This pedal is hand made and hand painted in Texas and I tell you what it plays like a dream! I was blown away at how responsive this is. It can go from a bluesy crunch all the way to hard rock distortion and the smoothness of it just needs to be heard!

The tone control can go from "underwater muffled" through to "piercing madness"

While i'm at it here's my Blackstar HT-Dual which i'm extremely impressed with also

Needless to say i've definitely caught GAS as of late lol
Quote by greggybhoy
Hopefully a NAD will come soon1


haha yeah definitely! I've nearly got the funds for a 6505+ or considering a JVM410h or maybe just go all out for a Randall RM100 with a Bogner XTC module
I was so GASing for that Monster when I first heard it... but then I came across the Fuzz War and my GAS moved elsewhere.

But still, H'm-fkin'NPD!
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