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I have a marshall mosfet 100 lead model 3210 has been working fine for about 6 months but earlier tonight i was playing it and the sound just keeps dropping out. It does it when using the overdrive (boost), seems okay on the clean channel but. Tried other leads, guitars ect still the same problem. Basically the volume will drop really low (Still audible) then come back then drop out again. Cab is a 1960A cab. I really don't know much about amps but obviously something is wrong here. Hopefully someone could give me some info on possible problems/fixes?

my amp head used to do that aswell. I took it back to the shop I got it from and they fixed it, but I can't remember what they said they did. Something about connections? Best thing to do is take it to your local amp merchant. Don't worry, its not serious!
I had the same problem on my marshall valvestate 8040... The problem can be anything, with it was because my input needed to be cleaned properly. But there are numerous causes possible for this kind of problem. Go to a decent guitar/amp-guy who can see and fix the problem for not too much money, if not. Contact marshall, if you have it for half a year, you should still get free repairs from marshall i guess
probably a good clean up should do the job ... sometimes its nothing big . i had problem with a old solid state amp and turn up the repair shop fix it pretty easily . the problem is maintenance is not cheap and the amp doesnt worth a lot of money these days . get an estimate first .

and Guusw : the lead 100 mosfet were built in the 80s somewhere around 1984-1988 i think .. i doubt its still on manufacturer warranty its was before the first valvestate technology . .. theres a big chance if you call Marshall that nobody will know what your talking about since the last technician who repaired them got retired 4 year ago . .

id still like one to put one in top of 8412 cabinet to complete my halfstack .. but that would be only for the look , not the sound . How do you like the lead 100 3210 overall ???? does it make pedal sound lifeless ???

theres not much lead 100 mosfet for sale in montreal theres all on ebay but shipping is too expensive
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