My parents are trying to out-spend each other to make an expensive point

My dad bought some $50 thing for hte computer that didnt work, so my mum got pissed at him for wasting money and said that she'd go and do the same, so she went and a few thousand on a new bed to replace the old one that had a 'di cky bedhead.' He goes and buys a $20,000 nissan (to replace an awesome 90s VR Holden we used to have ) Then my dad's decided we need a new tv, so he gets one, then realises we need to spend another $500 for some accessories. And my mum rings the landlord to get a new aircondidioner, and while he was up here also got a new front door, pro window cleaners and gardeners coming round, and all the ceilings repainted. Now she's buying a thousand and something dollar rug.

anyway we owe a crapload of money and rent some tiny house and my dads on less income and now we've just spent about 1/10th our money in a month and I still haven't got an SG so there's not much in it for me anyway i think it might be going a little bit far eh? anything i can do about it?
Not really. All you can do is hoard your own cash and be prepared to live on your own.
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All because a $50 purchase?

well I think the car was coming anyway but apart from taht pretty much. it doesn't take much to set them off, they're insane
Your parents have a funny way of setteling problems.
Maybe you should give them a "hint"?
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I don't think this would be the best time to tell your parents you fixed the computer.
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Lulz, you make quite a lot of threads like this on U.G What a dickheadish thing for your parents to do
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Tell them to outspend each other to fight for your love and see where it ends up.

Edit: I should've read the last paragraph.

Wait for the next fight.
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That's only 1/10th of your money? Holy crap, can I have some?

20-30,000 aussies dollars? that's 1/10th of 300,000, keep in mind we owe about half of that I think, at least we did a few years ago, and my parents are 50 and renting. They went looking at houses a while ago and they were all about double taht.
I bet they're so cheap they wouldn't know a fancy guitar if they saw one
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Lulz, you make quite a lot of threads like this on U.G What a dickheadish thing for your parents to do

i make a thread whenever i feel like saying something just about. and they're always pissing me off so I'm always making threads lol. I've posted more threads than replies i think
No offence, but your parents are duuuuu-uuuuumb.
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Mate, you got a nice new car, TV, air conditioner and a cool new rug, why complain?

Just convince your dad to start playing guitar and say since you're a guitarist, you'll help him pick If he needs more convincing just tell him how pissed off your mom will be when she sees it.

Seriously, do this. You owe a lot of money anyway, why not?