ok, this may be an obvious question but here it goes. I use a bunch of pedals; 5 apporximately, powered by 1Spot adaptor with daisy chains. Starting just now, my pedal suddenly makes 'blinkin' pop sound with the power seemed to be on and off.

When i took the DD6 out of the chain, the sound is normal. tested powering up that DD6 alone with 1spot and i got blinking popping sound!

guess, i'm just hoping u guys (atleast one of u) to say that my 1spot may be the prob here. is it? or its the painful truth; my DD6 is the prob!
Try the DD6 with a 9v battery. If the problem goes away, that's pretty good indicator that the 1 Spot is causing the problem.
thanx bro! tested with a 9v battery and there's no blinkin pop wit it. i guess its dat adaptor than!