Hi ...

Im planning to get a micro amp ..something I can carry around ....From all the ones available in the market ...so far ive liked the Marshall MS-4 ....it has everything i am looking for i.e. something that can give me a clean sound as well as as good distorted sound ....

Any other suggestions ? ....
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hey ..thanks man ...didnt really consider that ...maybe i should .

no worries man
they are much better than those mini-marshall's

seen as they are "proper" practice amps unlike that MS-4
What do you guys think of the Orange micro- amp? (sorry for the thread-jack TS)
Micro Cube. Unlike that little Marshall, you can actually hear the Cube when you play.
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Whoa, EPIC!
Yeah I'd go for the cube since it is portable, or if you do want something supremely portable go for the Orange Microcrush

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Micro cube is cool. There's a mini Valvetronix amp, right?