I'm shopping for a new guitar and stopped in Guitar Center to play a few models I'm interested in. I'm still real new to guitar buying and had a question about pricing.

They had a Epiphone Dr500m for $334 which is one of the guitars on my list. i was shocked by difference in price from their web site which is $499. I couldn't find any scratches etc on it, and there wasn't a sales guy around to ask. So what's the deal with GC, and their pricing strategy, do they mark down in-store merch like this regularly? Thanks for the help.
it's ALWAYS cheaper to buy in store. well, almost always. i got a great deal on my acoustic, but i bought it on ebay, so it was a bit of a risk. anyway, it may have been priced so low because it wasn't technically new, since it was played by shoppers and might have been on the sales floor for a while. sounds like a good deal to me though!
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