So I thought I had my search for a new electric narrowed down to the PRS SE Custom. But I played it this weekend and I just can't get used to the wide neck. I have an Ibanez starter right now (only been playing since Jan) and I'm just used to the skinny neck. My midget hands need every advantage they can get.

Anyway, I'm looking for an electric guitar in the $400-$500 price range. I play mostly classic rock, rock, blues, jazz, progressive, jam-band type stuff.

Any recommendations?
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Quote by eyeplayguitar
Any specific model? 300? Higher-end?

yup, the higher end models are much better than the cheaper ART's I recently got a ART300, I was really surprised by the thinness of both the body and the neck

I was expecting it to be a heavy, thick, Les Paul, when I picked it up I was really impressed