Hi guys !
I made a cover of Metallica solo, in HD, with great sound (Guitar Hero backing tracks).
I wanted to show it to you, so you could comment it (here and/or on Youtube).


If you have question, i'll be proud to answer it. Part. 2 will come next, with Battery, Sanitarium,
Blackened, Sad But True, Dyers Eve, Creeping Death etc...

Excuse my bad English, and many thx in advance
Wow Guys, thanks a lot ! I did not expect so many comment so fast
Thank you very very much, it motivates us !
sweet, i loved the little bit you added to fade to black in the end!
where did you get the GH backing tracks?
I made 'em, plugging the 360 into a computer. But i also know you can find them
easily Thanks everybody for the comments.
Shreddy Kruger!
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man, you are sick. Nailed them all pretty much ass perfect as they go. 5 stars and added to my favourites

Nice to see all nightmare long in there too, my favourite off the new album.
Excellent playing/filming/tone/audio/everything. I know Metallica doesn't have the most technical solos, but you played them flawlessly, and with great technique/feeling.
faved that was amazing!!

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Thanks to everbody for the comments
By the way, does anybody know how i could promote my video ? I really don't
understand, its way better than many videos i've seen on youtube, but there are
not so many view from US for exemple (you can see it in the video stats).

Thanks again
FADE TO BLACK WAS AMAZING! GREAT job! Next month i will have been playing guitar for a year now, I hope to get as good as this