Hey man, that sounds awesome. Definitely the kind of thing I'd put on my iPod and listen to. The only thing I don't really like is the sound of the drums. The beat is cool, but they sound a bit 'blunt' if that makes sense.

The song is really catchy, something I'd have playing while chilling out with friends or whatnot.

Votre musique ist tres bien! (hope I said that right!)

If you could give my song a quick crit I'd appreciate it, thanks

really nice it sounds to me like kind of a Slightly Stoopid song with a little bit more of a pop-ish sound to it. You should add some vocals to your songs! keep up the good work
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Wow... very impressive. Nice quality and overall really nice.

I'm not really that much into the drums either but i think this fits for the genre actually. Dunno if it's just me, but i don't like the sound of the guitars during the main leads. I think it'd be nicer if they had a deeper and rounder sound. Also i think this would sound awesome with a slightly distorted guitar in the background playing a simple rhythm to go along.


...and thanks for the crit!

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cetchy tune. great playing. this is a funky little peace. i think if you stopped the drums, and then came back in at diff parts in the song that would sound great. not much else to say, i like it. i think the rythem gts a little old and there is a need for a chord change or key change or something. by the 2 min mark for sure.

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