Hello, I'm going to Uni very soon and I'm wanting to save as much space in my new room which is quite small so I can't take my piggyback amp and don't want to buy a small practice amp.

My dad has an apple computer with an M audio interface and garage band which impressed me alot so I'm wanting to get my guitar connected to my comoputer at Uni.

I've read a little on the subject and want to know what experiences people have had with different methods like using an Audio interface (not sure if that's the right name), using an effects pedal and using an audio jack to minijack through my computer sound card?

What software do you advise me to use to record my guitar like garageband? I'm running on vista. Speakers are something I should be able to find myself.

Also what would I need if I wanted to make my guitar sound like say a piano or violin when it plays back through speakers, this has always been an awesome idea to me and I would have thought this was possible through a computer.

My budget is from £100 to £400.

Thanks alot, Adam
I will shred in the end!!
don't get a "Guitar to Computer" cable, awful quality and break easily
get a POD or something similar
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