After 4 long days of waiting it's finally arrived! My '95 Ibanez RG550LTD neon purple.
This guitar is built in the Fuji-Gen factory in Japan where the prestiges are built too.
The guitar is purple with a pink-ish mirror pickguard, and the headstock is purple too!
Pickups are V7, S1 and V8, which give a pretty clear tone.
The fingerboard is rosewood and there's a Lo-Pro edge on it which I already like.
It's got a few scratches and a chip but nothing that bothers me too much.
It came with a case, strap and allen wrenches.
Anyways enough of this crap, here's pictures!

You'll be getting all the (ohgoddontmakemesayit) "clundge" with that pretty thing.

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Awesome, I just picked up a 1990 model this weekend myself.
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Purple guitar = teh sehks.

Seriously, I would blow you for it.

...well not really..
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Nice shred machine. I gots me a 570 and it plays godly.

LUcky bastard with the matching headstock..****s nice

Happy New Ibanez Day
My '83 Destroyer suits me fine! Vintage Ibanez are awesome... although yours is still a bit young to be vintage.....
Ah yes this obviously isn't vintage.. not yet.
Those destroyers are awesome, I'd kill for one!
This is gorgeous.

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Quite frankly...

... that is AWESOME!

I love those coloured mirror scratch plates... I think I'm going to have to buy an RG and get one for myself.
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Thats a nice color, really shiny! HNGD!
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Oh man that looks nice! I played on an old RG550 DY at a pawn shop a few months ago and hate myself every day for not buying it. They are fine guitars!
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Thats something that you dont see everyday! Bet it plays as good as it looks

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friggin sexeeeh
best pickguard evaa
[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']It's the sound of Satan himself ripping through the electronics in the guitar....

It's a pinch harmonic, dude.
Gotta say, though I am not a fan of neon / bold color guitars, that is one sweet looking axe. Great find!
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Thanks again guys, and Fayez I didn't get ripped off at all.
You pay for a guitar what you think it's worth and I thought this was worth that much.
Won't be selling it anytime soon anyways so theres no problem for me.
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Thats awesome! HNGD!

Pics need to be bigger!

Sarcasm right? and if not.. click on em!
that's one damn beautiful guitar
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