I'm writing a song based on Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, with all the spooky atmosphere and crazy build ups.

I feel that this riff isn't as good as the others in the song, but I may be wrong.

Would you like this riff to come crushing after a strong clean guitar build up or not?

If you help me, I'll be happy to crit any song you send me guys.

Kthulhu Riff.gp5
It would be easier to critique if I had access to the entire song, to see its place relative to other riffs. That said, as it is; its a pretty good riff. I would personally consider breaking up the song into a few sections so as to focus the atmosphere. If the story of Cthulhu there are different bleak atmospheres. You have the underwater city, mass destruction, and a general spacey concept (as its in a sci-fi world). It would be kind of interesting in that sense to make it more "epic."

If you'd ever be interested I would be willing to work some synth sounds into whatever you compose. I have a wide range of synth tones, from symphonic sounds (like violins and orchestra pieces), to timpani's, to "regular" synths like warm pads, sweep pads, and other ambient/sci-fi related synths. I also have EZ Drummer if you'd like drums programmed as well. Most of this interest comes from my own interest in wanting to do something Cthulhu based.
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