Ive been playing guitar about a year. I play mostly metal.
Gear: Peavy envoy110 amp and G1X Zoom pedal.

I have to choose between one of these two guitars. Jackson DXMG or LTD M-200FM
They both have EMG's and licensed floyd roses and thin necks etc.
Their prices are also pretty much the same.

I need some suggestions which one to choose

Thanks alot.
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DXMG. It's MIJ (higher quality), with a quite nice (all steel, hardened baseplate) LFR.
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Ok I think I'm going with the DXMG. Anyone else that wants to comment on which guitar, please do espicially if you have one of these two guitars
Jackson is going to be better quality. If I didn't hate square heels, I would have bought a Jackson Pro series model long ago
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the jackson is way better than that LTD Model
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