well its time for my palomino V16 to get its first set of new tubes since i got it. the tubes swap out easy enough but i was wondering about the bias setting. i've heard that these amps are "cathode biased" and therefore dont need biasing but ive also heard that only amps with one tube in the power section need no biasing (mine has a pair of EL84s).

i removed the chassis from the amp and i cant find a trimpot for bias adjustment anywhere on the tube side and i even removed the circut board cover from the back and found none after a careful inspection.

this leads me to believe that there is no adjustment to be made but i just wanted to double check with my fellow tube afficionados that this will not turn my amp into a smoke machine or anything else involving fire/burning. any help from somebody that has worked on a palomino V16 or similar class A/ twin EL84 powered combo would be awesome...
I had a V33 that was cathode biased and therefore did not need to be biased. I imagine the palos are probably the same. You seem to confirm this in your OP.
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I was going to ask the exact same thing today. Hooray for the search bar!

I heard the same thing about the V16, and was going to check for confirmation.

Either way, let me know how it goes. My V16 is in dire need of a re-tube.
Palo V16s ftw!

I'm pretty sure you are correct, just going on prior knowledge though since I have not retubed mine yet.

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