I have a ltd mh250 that came with stock ESP-emg humbuckers and I want to change them. I play mostly metalcore and melodic stuff so I want something with a nice rich sound with distortion that sounds smooth and if possible same when clean. If it matters I am running it through a line 6 spyder III 30 watt amp with a metalcore ml-2 pedal but will be upgrading to a Marshall dsl100mlb stack soon
Proper EMGs will probably be what you're looking for, if you want to go active. Try either an 81/89 combo, or an 81/85 combo.
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Yeah I'm planning to buy the pickups when I get my Marshall amp and I chose Marshall DSL cause it's not as pricey as most other tube amps, but still is a nice tube amp and I love the tones Marshall Amps make. I've played through a bunch of them at Sam Ash and I've played through Peaveys and they are great but I still like the Marshall sound.