I like that natural millenium's shape. It looks nice
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are you set on the 305? for a little bit more you could get the SR505. bartolini!

^ those are Ibanez made Barts. the 305 holds treble better, though the bart design has good lows.
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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50


thats what i have, i couldnt be any happier. it delivers great punch with some warmth, though with the right strings the warmth could be toned up (if you want, of course).

only issue is that even though it has 24 frets, the 23/24 frets are impossible to play.
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I too would suggest going for a 505, they feel so nice!

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I'd go for an Ibanez over a ESP any day.
Yeah ESP just seem to be fad brand of the month. Ibanez make tried and tested solid gear. If you can save for the 505, that really would be your best bet.