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so I've been looking for a new reverb pedal for a while, since my Boss RV-3 (while a great pedal) sounds waaaay too tinny and digital for my taste. I've narrowed it down to quite a few reverbs, but one function I would really like it a reverse reverb, something that most of the pedals I've found are lacking.

So, what reverb pedals do you know of that have reverse reverb? If you've played them, could you comment on the overall sound of the pedal?

Pedals I'm looking in to:

TC Electronic Nova Reverb (no reverse)
Dr. Scientist Reverberator (no reverse)
EHX Cathedral (seems promising, haven't heard anything about the tone yet)
EHX Holier Grail (has reverse gate, though I have no idea what this is)
Hardwire RV-7 (seems promising, need to play one)
Line6 Verbzilla (does this have reverse?)
Marshall Reflector (has reverse, but apparently is horrible build quality)

Also, I'll be using the pedal for lots of reverb, sometimes on loooong settings, so the ability to retain clarity and not get muddy is a requirement. The Holy Grail has this issue, though I'm not sure about the Holier Grail or Cathedral.

Thanks so much guys!
i hate the reflector

those hardwire pedals seem to all be very good, from what i've seen on this board.

maybe just get a reverse delay and a cheaper reverb? not entirely sure how reverse reverb is supposed to sound
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Yea, I was afraid of going rack

The Alesis Midiverbs are way cheap and seem to be recommended, but I have no idea where I would put it, as I have no rack (wakka wakka?)

I've only played the Hardwire once and I don't remember if I liked it or not.

Any opinions on the Nova Reverb or Reverberator? The RRR seems to be held in pretty high esteem.

I really hope the Cathedral sounds good.
That's actually not a bad idea about using it as a pedalboard

Throw some velcro on top, etc

The RRR doesn't have a long decay? That's a really big bummer that I was not aware of. The T-Rex Roommate has the same issue
well i have the hardwire reverb and it is pretty great
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it has different reverbs on it, so there is a few different sounds. all i know is like 2 of them sound like sh*t, i like the plate and hall, and the reverse reverb is really cool. it can sound sterile if you dont set it corrrectly. i would say go try it.
Ibanez XPT707 Xiphos
Schecter C-7 Loomis FR

Mesa Boogie Mark III blue dot Coliseum

Mesa Traditional 4x12 v30's x EVM 12l's


A lot of modes with the ability to alter the decay/delay functions of your tone. Really useful and not hard at all to tweak. Cave is my favorite setting for ambient-like music while Octo gives you that sparkle and harmony to your tone; see the ProGuitarShop demo on Youtube, it's pretty useful.
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I like the verbzilla as well. I dont have the actual verbzilla pedal, but all of its stuff is in my M13 stompbox modeler. The reverbs are great, I really love their octoverb, it has reverse but I haven't played with it much I will mess around this evening with that one and report back.
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