Hey whats up, UG. I made a forum account just cuz I wanted some help that was varied, and hopefully helpful.

I just took a hiatus from playing with a pick. I started playing with my fingers (thumb, index, and middle, and sometimes just my thumb), just cus i prefer the sound, versatility, and the overall feel over using a pick (they're too cumbersome and limiting, dont think its my forte).

I love it, as its so much more comfortable to play, and I can honestly say I think my playing has improved dramatically over the last few weeks.

Thing is, I dont know if Im doing it right. I've watched alot of videos of people like Mark Knopfler, Derek Trucks, Jeff Beck, and even some Freddie King, just to see what they do and how they do it, like what fingers are they using, and how are they using their fingers individually.

I guess what I'm saying is, is there anything new to learn for playing fingerstyle?
What are some tips for improving and getting used to it, such as tremolo picking, playing scales with only three or so fingers, ect? Any techniques or excersises?

Thanks in advance.
there is always something to learn for developing guitarist.. from ur observation of these fine guitarist.. did u notice they have something u dont... from there.. try figure out what they're doing..

it would be best if u have teacher...
No matter how high your level is, you can always take lessons from a professional teacher. If he can't correct anything in your playing style, he may be able to teach you new techniques.
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Wasn't there a thread about this like yesterday?
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This guy knows what he's talking about
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Sorry, I should've mentioned this up top, but I'm not a beginner; I've been playing for about 6 years. And I do have a teacher, but playing pickless isn't something that he spends alot of time on.

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Hey, I uploaded a youtube video today about this:


hope its some help

thanks, but the fingerstyle im referring to is just playing standard electric guitar, without the use of a plectrum (sorry if I'm not being that clear, because I don't think I'm phrasing it the best way. I'm just not sure if the style I'm referring to has a specific name that's not to be confused with that inn the link).


^^ is what im talking about, I'm blanking on words atm of explaining it clearly haha. just watch his picking hand.
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thanks, but the fingerstyle im referring to is just playing standard electric guitar, without the use of a plectrum

Ok, so you're not a beginner, but acoustic and electric guitar technique is the same. You say that as if I'm talking about something totally different in the video?!

I'm not.
I think usually blues or maybe jazz people.. i dunno... they usually use finger to play their songs.. then u should learn more songs from that genre... as it will help u develop ur skills simultaneously...