I am looking to buy a portable unit, which I can use to store riffs and solos ideas as they come to mind - something like a simple 2-4 track recorder.

I also want to use it for practicing with headphones, so it is important that it has some settings for clean, crunch, lead tones as well as some basic effects - delay, chorus, auto wha, etc. . Ideally, it would also have a tuner, although this is not essential.

Lastly, a basic rhythm function would be also more than useful.

Any idea which device can perform these tasks?

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Theres plenty of portable digital recorders, but I can't think of any off the top of my head that have built in FX, certainly not a drum machine.
You could combine a Pandora PX4D (headphone amp multifx, drums, and bass rhythms) with any number of handheld recorders. The Pandora has a phrase trainer but I don't think it will give you much record time. And it may record only from the aux input (not sure).

The next alternative is a GNX4 Workstation with 8 track recorder, looper, drum machine, and mp3 BT player. But it won't fit in your pocket or guitar case.
You say 'simple' and then you want a full set of amps and effects, multitrack recording, and a drum machine

Sounds like you need a software program, honestly. You could use a POD into something like garageband or protools, but you're going to have a hard time finding all of those things in a standalone guitar processor. There are a few amps like the fender G-DEC and the spider jam that will do those things, but the tone from them is pretty bad.
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You say 'simple' and then you want a full set of amps and effects, multitrack recording, and a drum machine

OK, may be I exagerated with the features...

I don't really care for the full set of amps or effects. Jus 5- 6 effects would do in fact.
As far as the multitracker, I only need a maximum of 3-4 tracks.
Drum machine is a must, but I don't need a complicated one with 100 rhythm types. One blues, one funk and one rock type would suffice as long as I can change the tempo..

That's it - not to much to ask for, right?

Essentially I need something that can record rough ideas, which I can easily upload onto a PC, but I don't want to use the PC to record if that makes sense.
I think at least some Boss recorder had some guitar sims and effects in it, but don't know of any such things that have drums in them.
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