I need help from experienced guitarist on how they go about learning a solo that is too fast to find the notes to. Some solos are fast but can be broken down.

For example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hel9hd1uCeY&feature=related
Fast Forward to 1:45

How would any of you tab it out for yourselves if you were a perfectionist and just wanted the notes to at least start off accurate and slow.

Please I need advice! Appreciate any help. Any programs you use to slow down, etc
You use some program that can slow a song down without changing the pitch, and just go at it bar by bar. Very tedious process, from experience :/

Amplitube has a built slow down plus looper thing.
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I'm not sure how to download something from Youtube, but if you have an MP3 you can use a free program called Audacity to slow it down. I think Window's Media Player will also allow you to slow down an MP3.