Okay, so basically I want to record some guitar into my computer. I'm using the effects send on my Laney VC30 (it doubles up as a line out, apparently) straight into my microphone jack on my laptop. In Ableton, it sounds fine but the sound it's only coming out of the left speaker/headphone. I tried in Audacity too, and the same thing happens.

Any ideas guys?
Is your lead Stereo or Mono?

This is a mono, stereo have 2 black bands instead of just one

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Yeah, I'm guessing it's mono. It's just a mini jack lead, too, with an 1/4 adapter going into the amp. What would you suggest doing? Would it be worth investing in some sort of DI box, or something of the sort?
A simple audio interface and a proper mic, you can capture the sound of the speaker. It's an investment, but if you want good quality recordings it's worth it.
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