Hey everyone, Need your help

a couple of years a go I bought my Vox AC30CC2, and earlier, I plug in to play as normal, then after a few seconds of playing i get a barrage of crackling and popping, like a barbeque sound, then it starts barking and squealing, so i just hit the switches and turn it off, I tried it again just now and it's still there...

My instant thought was tubes, this being my first and only Tube amplifier, seen as I have no idea of what the symptoms are of a tube blowing.

I'm really a novice when it comes to Amp tech, so thats where I need your help, what may the problem be, and what would be the solution?

all help appreciated!

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The crackling and popping sounds like a bad (overly microphonic) preamp tube. Preamp tubes are the smaller ones and usually will have a cylinder casing around them.

Take all the aluminum cylinders off the preamp tubes.
Make sure they are all seated (pushed) in all the way.
Unplug your guitar and turn the amp on with volume up.
Use the eraser end of a pencil and push/tap/nudge each preamp tube.

If you can hear that 'tapping' through the speaker then chances are that tube is bad. Replace it.

There are other things too, like cables, pedals, batteries, etc gone south.