A friend asked me for suggestions on what to go with his 500 dollar budget. This is to start playing guitar. I told him to check out the cube and vyper 30 and im now looking for a guitar in the <250 range. Super start, hard tail, no preference on pup setup. But i think that a HSS or HSH would be nice.

I was looking at the RGs but I dont really know that much about them.
Erm you should check out the Yamaha Pacifica 112(v). Not sure if you can find one for under $250 though. I think your best bet is to go used because you can't really get a good new guitar for 250.
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Go used on both items, you'll be much better off.
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guys you dont need a super expensive guitar to start out on. I'm still playing a $140 guitar
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What kinda music does he wanna play?
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