Much more straightforward and traditional song than I usually write. Wrote this for my band the other night. That's it really. C4C as always
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very good for power metal the intro was very good and the verse was good but the transition from the verse back to the lead was boring the acoustic part wasnt bad ether and the solo was ok fit with he song it just isnt for me u ended it pretty well 2 and the bass was very well written overall ill give it a 8.5/10

can u please leave a comment on my song?

I don't listen to this type of music too much, but this intrigued me quite alot. I really like your phrasing through out the song, and it definately has a very powerful feel to the piece. I don't have much to say that differs from the previous comment, although I don't agree that the berse to the lead was boring (vocals would obviously change this). Overall a really enjoyable piece.

Keep up the good work mate.
I really liked the song, the melody in the first part is really great, but i disliked the powerchord part around 19-23. It seems so stop the melodic flow of the section, maybe a more melodic approach would sound better in my opinion. The bass solo is really great, your bassist must be top notch. The transition to the akustik part is okay,and the guitar solo after that is also very good. The melody in the end could be extended, it had a really great feeling
It was very good, but it could have lasted a little bit longer. It sounds like unfinished you should create something cool to the end.
Awesome and original.

Finally, there is power metal among all the Death, Trash and pop-punk around here.