Soon I have to pick a song for my single performance for my Music GCSE.

At the moment my song choice is "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I was wondering if this was a good choice for quite an experienced guitarist as I can play the song well and have learned all the parts. Its quite a guitar based song as well.

So yeah, is this a good choice and could you possibly recommend some other songs for someone aiming for an "A" ?

Many thanks.
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I'm doing GCSE music right now as well. To be honest, i got an A* in my performance for doing Seek and Destroy with no solo. Not hard to do well mark wise as long as you don't murder the song. I've always been told to do something pretty "picky" if you get what i mean. Something with an odd strum patter. Laid to Rest by Lamb of God will get you an A* for sure, probably at A level as well.
I did Rat Salad today and got an A* as my grade(it was admittedly the first piece i ever played in Music and we were playing pieces to demonstrate our level), even though it sounded awful (too much bass), and I f'd the solo. So yeh, it doesn't have to be too hard to get an A.

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The piece you play only has to be a Grade 3 standard, which is really easy. I did "Super Colossal" by Satch and aced it. You'll probably be okay with Can't Stop.
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Try some Satch! It always sounds impressive. Pick a blues-ier piece if you like. Chords of Life would be a good option. Same with What Breaks A Heart. Or even Ten Words (easiest of the lot, but sounds incredible).
Hmm... I'll stick with Can't Stop, but thanks anyway guys. I think I'll be okay.
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