I have the chords Gm D# for my verse, however I'm struggling to get some good sounding chords for the bridge and chorus. Please could you suggest some for a build up to the chorus and for the chorus. I'm looking to get an uplifting and epic chorus (i.e major key).
B and F#???

maybe try to play around with diff variations of a B and F#j....maybe resolve it back to Gm or D#

i dunno, i want a sad song
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Call the D# an Eb, and you can call it Eb major - Eb F G Ab Bb C D

The you can construct chords by stacking thirds.

So from Eb, a 3rd is 2 notes up - G. Another 3rd on top of that is Bb.

Eb to G is 4 steps/semitones, which is a major 3rd
G to Bb is 3 steps/semitones, which is a minor 3rd

And a major 3rd plus a minor 3rd is a major chord - so you've just built an Eb major triad.

You can do teh same for all the other notes:

Building a chord on F you get Eb F G Ab Bb C D

F Ab C - which is 3 steps (min 3rd) from F to Ab, and 4 steps (Maj 3rd) from Ab to C, which makes it a Major chord

Did that make any sense?