I've owned this Peavey Valveking for a few months now, and the fuse blew once and we had it replaced along with some tubes. It worked fine until a few days ago. It won't pick up my guitar's signal. The amp turns on, but when I look at the other side of the amp, I notice that the tubes aren't glowing. Did my fuse blow again already?
It the amp turns on then it is not the Main fuse that is blowing. There should be another fuse in there called a HT (high tension) fuse that sounds to be the culprit.

How do you turn your amp on and off?

What fuse did you replace the first time?

What tubes did you replace with?

Where they matched (balanced) when you bought them?

Who did the work?

Post in the Valveking thread if you have not already. Smart people in there.