I have a Hamer Slammer Series electric guitar. I want to buy a new, ESP LTD F-50, but I didn't know if my guitar was worth trying to sell, to have some money to apply towards the new one. It's black with yellow trim. The serial number is 402833. I don't know if that'll help anyone with finding it's value. The guitar's pretty old. At least 10 years, I'd say. It's still in pretty good condition, though. Some scratches, but nothing too intense.
It depends what Slammer it is, it could be worth anywhere from $50-150.

Either way, the F-50 wouldn't be much of an upgrade (if an upgrade at all), I wouldn't suggest any LTD below the 400 series, unless you're planning on doing some extensive modding, or you're getting it for a really good price.
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Well, I played the F-50 at Guitar Center and it sounded great. Definitely better than my current guitar. It also looks 10 times cooler (not completely important, but still). Also, the strings are very loose on my guitar, even if it's tuned properly, with new strings on it. It makes tremolo picking quite difficult. The pickup switch also is random and sometimes won't work correctly. All in all, I think getting the F-50 would be a substantial improvement, but I may be wrong. Any other opinions?
Look your guitar up on ebay...that's usually a good way to see how much their selling for...don't sell to a shop though,they have to make a profit...I learned that the hardway myself...
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