I'm looking for some good pedals and I might as well go to town with them so I'm looking for Chorus, Distortion, Echo, Overdrive and Wah pedals. I'm not exactly sure of what I want as far as the sound goes so blast me away with whatever you've got. Youtube demonstrations are welcome too.

Budget range...

$100 per pedal
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what is your budget range?
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We'd need a bit more info to recommend stuff that suits you. What sorta genres do you play? Analog or digital delay?
Chorus: EHX Small Clone- Lush analog chorus, my fav that I have played. Great price too!

Low gain: Ibanez TS-9- Warm, great treble response, capable of good amounts of drive
Med gain: Fulltone OCD- Great price, sounds fantastic, compact size is always a plus
High Gain: Boss HM-2- Can be found for very cheap, I regret selling mine. Awesome pedal
Fuzz: EHX Big Muff is a great affordable fuzz. A little dark and scooped, but fantastic nonetheless.

Delay: For less than $100, you're limited, but a used Boss DD-3 can be found for under $100. Analog, you probably won't find for less than $100, but for $140, the Ibanez AD-9 is awesome!

Wah: Morley Bad Horsie II can be found for less than $100, and they sound great with a really prominent sweep. Great for high gain.
distortion : mi audio crunch box .. you can get it at around 100 $ used or 129 $ brand new .

totally worth the extra 29 $ over any boss distortion etc.. you might have think of .
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