I play jazz, neoclassical, blues, 80s rock, funk and a little bit of metal.

My budget is 400-600 pounds (GBP) and im looking for a guitar with a not too radical shape that is good for both sitting down and standing up, i would preferer a guitar with very good upper fret access and a thin, fast neck, but i dont want the guitar to be too metal.

I have currently got a peavey classic 30 and a jackson kelly KE3

24 frets is a bonus but i could settle for 22.

Thanks in advance
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I think the Stratocaster is what you'd want.
Maybe even the Telecaster?
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Current Gear
- Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Plus Top)
- Crappy Strat Copy (Redecorated, looks snazzy)
- Ibanez Acoustic/Electric Guitar
- Ibanez RG1570 Mirage Blue
- Peavey Vypyr 30 Watt
2nd hand schecter C-1 classic
Schecter C1 Classic
Ibanez RG560
Epiphone G400
Mesa Boogie Recto-verb
Peavey JSX
Marshall MG50
Washburn X50 Pro or the Pro-FE.
The last is the same as the first, except it has EMG's, which may suit you more, if you like it.

mamosa, you're not getting those LTD's inbetween £400-£600. Not on your life. :/
That's the problem with LTD's. They're brilliant guitars, especially the 1001 series, but they're so grossly overpriced in the UK.
Washburns are ridiculously cheap in the UK. They're actually more expensive in the US.
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Which is why I love them, and always recommend them for a sub-£600 budget.

You could save up another £80 - £100 and get the Billy Corgan Strat. It has hot rails so you could do some 80's rock and some metal.
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