That was awesome! It reminds me a lot of Goldfinger.

Musically it's really fun and very catchy. The vocals definitely suit the music. The lyrics are simple but relevant. As BlakeAlan said, it would be fun to hear live.

With good production it would obviously be a lot better. Also I think it would be benneficial to put something more exciting in after the soft 'I better get myself a girlfriend' bit. I do really like the change of melody (higher vocals) part towards the end.

Overall it's a really cool song, definitely keep at it.

If you could check out my song and give it some feed back I'd appreciate it,


I like this song alot, its simple, just like punk rock should be, and I'm really digging the lyrics, I dont have a girlfriend, just an ex but who cares. Your lyrics made me laugh.
The drums are kinda annoying, needs to change every now and then.

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It's good. You've gotta do something about the drums on that track though. I love the genre. I think the song is written well, but you need a little extra energy in the recording. I'd suggest either being more aggressive with the vocals, or possible taking that lead guitar riff and having it played by horns, if that's something you're into.

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