I found a 400w pyramid GA410 for $80. Is it worth it 2 buy it? All I have now is a line 6 spider 3. I play just about everything and need a really versatile amp.

Edit: I have an RG4EXFM1 soon 2 have Dimarzio Evolutions
It's actually a 60 watt amp (60 watts RMS, which is what everybody else uses for rating, 400W is the peak which doesn't tell the truth). Also, it doesn't even have overdrive. The only controls are bass, middle, treble and volume. So it's not very versatile. I'd say don't get it.
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Only pyramid amps I ever saw were for car audio and they were sold a t fleamarkets and low end stereo shops. But they were famous for vastly over rating their power by using peak vs RMS.