Hello all, I am purchasing a new Network Interface Card, am I going to HAVE to change my IP address?
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No, your IP is provided by your ISP, what will change is your MAC address but you probably won't need to think about that. Ever.

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Doubtful, if you have a static IP your Internet Service Provider should assign you your respective IP regardless of hardware config.

Having a different IP doesn't really mean very much unless you run a webserver or game server on your machine, or for some reason need it to stay the same so people can connect to your computer via TCP/IP.
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no. It won't change your IP address. It might change your internal IP address (on your local network) if you have been assigned a static one by your router, because that will be linked to your MAC address, which will change, but your actual IP address is set by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), not by your computer.
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