ok so how do these things work??
theres 2 on strats (im sure every1 already kows this :P), and i have 1 on my little Marshall MS-4 (which is a pretty good amp when im on the road).

so as stated b4 how do they work?? and how woould i have to set it on my amp to get a nice heavy sound?

tl;dr how do they work?
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Most tone knobs will roll off high frequencies as you turn them.

I believe one of the tone knobs on a strat is wired to the neck pickup and the other is wired to the middle pickup.

A "nice heavy sound" is completely subjective, so just toy around with it until you like it.
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ok then how bout to get a guns n roses sound??
it only has 1 vol, 1 tone, and 1 gain
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^if it only has three knobs, then just try finding the tone yourself, we can't hear what you're hearing

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usually amps with one tone knob will have an emphasis on treble to one side (usually full clockwise) and emphasis on bass the other way. thats just in my experience though, not a hard and fast rule. you usually just have to play around with it, usually not going to either extreme. set it in the middle to start, then turn it each way to hear what it does. you will probably want it more to one side than the other, but the middle is a good place to start.

on guitars, tone knobs are usually completely different. on 10 the knob lets (almost) everything through, and as you turn it down it rolls off more and more treble.
Your not gonna get a gnr sound with a strat anyhow.... your other guitar would get a closer one bro

And if you got 600 bucks go get a better amp man,**** with that much you have sooooooo many options
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Well you could google stuff. But what a tone knob sdoes is make a signal either not travel far, Making it clear, Or making it travel far, Making it sound bassier. That means when it is turned in one direction it is clear and trebley and when it is in the other it is bassier and it may be harder to tell the differences between notes.
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you're not going to get anything heavy on an MS4. get a new amp.
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