it seems when im sitting at home riffing around im sounding good and feeling good, but as soon as im playing with my guitar teacher or if someone wants me to play something i get really nervous and just feel like im put on the spot in a big way, i cant hit a lick for crap, my fingers go all stiff and dont want to work, i cant think about where they need to go, and everything sounds like ass, does anyone else have this problem, i really do play way way better alone or when im not in a lesson, like i said i just get nervous, maybe ill get over it by playing in front of people more often?
Used to. I think the best way to get rid of it is just to keep playing in front of people, and it will definitely go away. I remember when I went to GC's blues competition, and I was just shaking through the whole way.

Long story short, I didn't win, but my fear is pretty much gone now.
yeh definately. I had the same problem for ages, could play stuff fine when nobody was around and then as soon as I had company i had sausage fingers which were all over the shop. Just find every opportunity to play infront of people possible and the nerves will (slowly) disappear!
Im fine when playing in front of a few freinds, or even strangers sometimes, but as soon as they turn into an audience, I screw up. Loads.
I'd say if that didn't happen to you, no matter how good a guitarist you are now, you'd have to be an overconfident prick. Haha. But seriously, just do it more often. What helped me for a while was closing my eyes during more difficult parts of songs and just feeling it through. And as you get better you'll feel generally more confident about your playing.
Nope, I enjoii playing around other people.

Matter of fact, I do better playing around other people than playing it to myself.

Everyones different

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Quote by BEBEB
Im fine when playing in front of a few freinds, or even strangers sometimes, but as soon as they turn into an audience, I screw up. Loads.

yeah i guess its just keeping the mind set of playing around with people or them being an audience
I'm fine playing in front of people but I can't play in front of my teacher, lol. I guess I feel like friends/strangers aren't judging my playing as much as my teacher is. But that's what I pay him for :-p. If you find a magic cure for this I'd like to know . . .
I am just like you!! I play fine by myself or with my 2 guitar playing friends but I am horrible in front of new people or my guitar teacher! lol
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I used to not be able to play infront of anyone, I finally kicked that a couple years ago, but it still happens from time to time.

Like last week I went to my guitar teacher I had been practicing the arpeggios he told me to come up with all week, I had them all memorized and down pat. I practiced for a good 2 hours or so before I had to leave for his house just to make sure I knew everything and I did. Then I got to his house and my entire brain froze and I couldn't remember ANYTHING.

I felt like a total ass, because in my head it looks like I haven't practiced and I'm wasting his time, but he told me not to worry about it these things happen. And In my eyes I didnt think our lesson went over too well, but thats probably because I was so frustrated with myself that I couldnt recall anything I had been working on for an entire week even though I knew it. He told me he thought the lesson went very well though, so that just goes to show how critical one can be of their own playing during certain times.

Out of the 3 lessons we've had so far (tomorrow is the 4th) that is the only time thats happened to me. But yeah like i said these things happen and they eventually fade and then you'll be able to rock out infront of anyone.

Hopefully it doesnt happen to me again tomorrow haha. It shouldn't though, I've been practicing.
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Yeah i only really get nervous in front of other guitar players ,regardless of their ability. Its not so much my abitlites but i always want to entertain someone if they can hear me playing so im always trying to play something that flows really well so i get a bit panicy when it doesnt sound too good lol. I mite cure by walking into a packed guiatr store and randomly play on the amp full blast
I have no problem with it now. When I was younger, I took piano lessons and played in a few tournaments and stuff like that. But I think I was too young to get nervous. I hadn't learned to care that people might be judging me. As a result, I've never had too much of a problem playing in front of people. But when I played my first gig after playing guitar for only 2 years, I was pretty nervous. I knew that there would be lots of people there and I started to think stuff like "What if I screw up? What will they all think of me?" and all that crap. To get over it, I just used every opportunity that I found to play in front of people. I bought a little pocket amp and would just walk around for a couple hours playing.
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